The RNC, Reciclaje de Neumático y Caucho, S.L. plant makes with extreme efficiency the separation of rubber, steel and textile fiber, due to the deep knowledge of the production process since 1998. It is equipped with efficient cleaning systems that provide its products with the highest purity, allowing to work with the best security conditions.

Our R & D & I policy has led us to work closely with government agencies and technological institutes to which we are continuously adhering to the improvement of the production process and product quality.

RNC works with SIGNUS, non-profit entity that is responsible for the comprehensive management at the national level of NFU's.

RNC has obtained optimal results in the studies performed with the Centro Tecnológico del metal.

RNC is continuously making important bets in the study of the properties of reused rubber in close relation with the chemical industry, giving rise to unique products such as encapsulated rubber (in its version of colored coating or in its version of flame retardant and chlorine resistant coating) being approved and certified by IBV (Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia).

RNC has participated in several studies in new ways of rubber applications such as the one made with FER (Federación Española de la Recuperación y el reciclaje) like the “Spanish Rubber Experience NFU in asphalt mixtures”.

Recycling process:

The RNC plant carries out the collection and classification for reuse of tires and recovery of tires out of use (NFU).



The process of collecting NFUs is carried out from the production points, from where they are transferred to our facilities and the classification process is carried out.

The classification process separates NRUs and NFUs. These resulting NFUs continue the chopping process.