Our high performance encapsulated competes directly with the EPDM, higher performance at lower cost.

RNC is continuously making important investments in the study of the properties of reused rubber in close relation with the chemical industry, professional institutes and universities, giving rise to unique products like encapsulated rubber (in its version of colored coating or in its coating version flame retardant and chlorine resistant), being approved and certified by IBV (Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia).

Black SBR rubber can be encapsulated in a wide range of colors, this adds an added value that provides functionality and aesthetics in all its applications. The most widely used granulometries are as follows:

Discover the full range of colors available for the SBR rubber encapsulation.

Encapsulated 0.5 - 2 mm

The applications of the encapsulate of between 0.5 and 2 millimeters include the filling of soccer fields of artificial turf and tracks of athletics.

Encapsulated 2 - 4 mm

Gránulo de 2 a 4 mm

The 2 to 4 millimeter encapsulation applications include the creation of playground floors and rubber tiles.

Encapsulated 1 -3 mm

Losetas de encapsulado

Applications of 1 to 3 millimeter encapsulation include the creation of playground floors and rubber tiles.

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