What we do ?



In Reciclaje de Neumático y Caucho, tires undergo a material make up checking process in which rubber, steel and fibre materials are obtained. We are authorized in the end of process management of these materials in order to ensure the correct use of End of Life tires.

The company undertakes all type of activity related to the management of End of Life tires, from the initial collecting to the sale of products once the recycling process has ended. 




Collection, logistics and transport of tires from garages to the plant.

Classification of End of Life tires according to the tire type and quality.

Reuse and sale of second hand tires

Extraction of rubber grains of different particle size.


RECICLAJES DE NEUMÁTICOS Y CAUCHO S.L. Polígono Ind. los Torraos AV. España nº 16 CP: 30.562 Ceutí (Murcía) T 968.67.89.00 F 968.67.88.84 M rnc@rncmurcia.com