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Reciclaje de Neumático y Caucho was established in 1998 with the aim of finding a solution for the environmental problems that EFL (End of Life) tires pose. At this moment in time the Region of Murcia (Ceutí to be exact) is in a strategic position in that the whole recycling from start to finish is carried out and EFL tire parts are separated and the rubber prepared to be reused.


Reciclaje de Neumático y Caucho is affiliated with SIGNUS, a non-profit association which regulates the collecting and management of EFL tires in Spain:


To recycle End of Life tires.

To offer the best possible variety and quality of crumb rubber powders.


To be the number one company in sales and service, ready to serve and deal with constant market changes in the national and international markets.


To provide an excellent service

To be known amongst our customers for being the best, with the best quality products offering them competitive advantages.

RECICLAJES DE NEUMÁTICOS Y CAUCHO S.L. Polígono Ind. los Torraos AV. España nº 16 CP: 30.562 Ceutí (Murcía) T 968.67.89.00 F 968.67.88.84 M rnc@rncmurcia.com